‘Het Verhalenplein’ (The story square)

Schrijver Benali en …

The theme of Benali’s Cultural Professorship was “The Story Square”. With 19 students, Benali went on an excursion to the squares of Brussels and Maastricht, and dived into the Trésor, the treasury of the TU Delft Library. Age-old square prints have been selected from the Trésor for an exhibition that were display in the “Benali Square” in the Library. During his public valedictory speech, the students showed ideas to improve the “worst square in the country”, gave them a peek behind the facades of the Market in Delft and discussed the dynamics of the schoolyard. An image was also presented that organically connected Delft neighborhoods and people and a flexible system to temporarily adjust squares.

See Flickr for photos of the exhibition opening

Source: https://www.events.nl/nieuws/uittreerede-abdelkader-benali-aan-de-tu-delft

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