In 2014 TU Delft cultural professor Paulien Cornelisse led a Master Class: De wonderkamer (the wonder room). The completed installations on display in the wonder room reflect not only the diverse disciplines from which the twenty-six students in the master class come but also the different elements of life they decided to focus on.








Paulien: “I am fascinated by curiosities in museums in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I long for the time when people came to a museum to wonder, for example about a new animal they did not know yet. Now so much is known. New species are being added, but these are usually variations on what we already know.”The wonder room could be admired at the Library, there was also a curiosity exhibition in the Treasury Room. The film Microcosmos was shown at the Library, followed by a conversation between Paulien Cornelisse and biologist Tijs Goldschmidt. See photos on Flickr.Delta articles: