Singer-songwriter Spinvis (Erik de Jong) was appointed Cultural Professor 2013 at Delft University of Technology. During a series of master classes he inspired his 24 students to come up with practical solutions to poetical questions, such as ‘think up a gift for gravity’.

The theme is ‘Out of nowhere’. Spinvis was inspired by the story of the French postman Ferdinand Cheval. Under his hands, a structure was created in seventy years that is now known as the Palais Idéal: a collage of stones that Cheval found every day along the side of the road.

Spinvis about Cheval: “His work covers an entire life. He went on frantically, compulsively. People like that are always a part of how you are, but without a brake. You learn about yourself. That the process of making, regardless of the result, is a blissful moment. Whether you are successful with it or not. Many scientists know that of course, but I want to teach the students that.”
The science fiction film Sunshine was shown at the library, Spinvis was present to discuss about the movie.

Photos of the end product ‘Mécanique Érotique’ shown at the Library, exhibition in the Treasury Room and movie night: Flickr

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